Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Tray Murray                President                 932-6386

Buddy Weaver             Vice President         932-0093

Tyler Jones                   Treasurer                 932-9323

Will Almond                                               932-6596

Winn Almond                                             932-5519

Brandon Hillman                                        932-0086

Matt Huddleston                                         932-4458

Stuart Azlin

Joshua Cason

Brad Merry

Cody Hillman

Scotty Shaver


Committee Assignments:

Booster Club – Celeste Huddleston

Budget – Buddy Weaver

Building & Grounds – Matt Huddleston, Brandon Hillman

Dress Code – Penny Dupree, Betty Ware,

Handbook – Stacey Greer, Jamie Lawrence

Hardship – Tray Murray, Buddy Weaver,  Penny Dupree

Insurance – Tyler Jones

Lunchroom – Cissy Cox

Parent Participation – Stacey Greer

Rebel Club – Stacey Greer, Kalette Delacerda, Joni Riggs, Julie Jones

Sports – Matt Huddleston, Tray Murray, Penny Dupree

Teacher Recruitment – Jamie Lawrence

Transportation – Brandon Hillman

Procedures to address the Board of Directors


If you have a concern or complaint regarding your child/children and the action of a teacher, coach or administrator, you must follow this procedure.  The reason for adopting this procedure is to allow you and the person with whom you have a concern, the opportunity to resolve the situation.  Further, if you contact a board member or the principal about an issue with which they are not familiar, they may not be able to give you an appropriate response.  An appropriate response cannot be given until the principal and/or the Board is aware of all the facts and circumstances regarding the issue.

Please follow this procedure so the matter can be handled competently:

Step #1:    Discuss the problem directly with the teacher or coach.

Step #2:    If the parent feels, after contact and discussion with the teacher or coach, that further review necessary, the parent should contact the administrator.

Step #3:    If after discussion with the administrator, the parent feels further review is necessary, the matter may be brought to the board.

After following the above steps, if you wish to address the Board, you must be put on the agenda for the next board meeting.  To be put on the agenda, contact the school office at least 2 (two) days before the meeting and inform the administrator of the nature of the issue you wish to bring before the Board. 

This will allow the Board time to gather any information necessary to properly address your concern.  If you wish to have your child appear before the Board to discuss an issue, please obtain specific permission from the principal and Board President prior to the meeting.


If a parent comes directly to the Board having gone through steps above without contacting the office to ask to be placed on the agenda it is likely the board will not hear the matter.